Octorose ® Peat / Taupe Full Size Quality Bonded Micro Suede Futon Mattress Cover.

Futon Slipcovers
Please find more different color futon cover Asin number on Amazon.
Olive Green futon cover Asin number: B004VG7KHA
Purple futon cover Asin number: B004VG6W8I
Navy Blue cover Asin number: B001EQH4YO
Black cover Asin number: B001ENWHE4
light brown cover Asin number: B001EO3YRW
Chocolate brown cover Asin number: B003NNN11Q
Beige cover Asin number: B001R21I1A
Camel or Taupe cover Asin number: B001EO0S8K
wine burgundy cover Asin number: B001EQCO9O
Peat or saddle cover Asin number: B003NO0BX6
Rust cover Asin number: B001R1UECA
Sage Green Asin number: B001R1UECA That is Brand New taupe Full size 54x76" Futon Mattress Cover that with 3 side heavey duty zipper, It can fit 6 - 8" thick futon mattress.

Micro suede is a colorful, versatile, durable luxurious micro-fiber fabric. It is becoming one of the most popular fabrics used in upholstery, bedding and clothing. Our Bond Micro Suede collection is recognized for its ultra soft feel, smooth texture. Also, it is resilient, does not absorb liquids easily, less wrinkle and easy to maintain.


* Feature: 3-sided heavy duty zipper for cleaning or replacing easily.
* Size: Full size 54x76"
* Fit for 6"~8" thick futon mattress
* Color: taupe
* Material: Micro Fiber (100% Polyester)
* Machine washable (cold) and line dry
More color are availabe Blue, Beige (khaki), Black, Brown, Taupe (peat), Rust, light Sage green , Olive green and Burgundy (Wine).

Note: Colors/shades may view different on various computer monitors.

Brand New
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee(NO QUESTIONS ASKED)

High Quality Micro Suede futon slipCovers (Second picture as color reference only)
Size: Full size 54x76". Fit for 6"~8" thick futon mattress
Color: Peat or Taupe
Easy Machine Washing Cold.
We have this futon cover in Burgundy, Chocolate Brown navy Olive Green sage royal blue rust black beige ( khaki ) taupe ( peat) available.