INSTANT WHITE SMILES optimized 40cc 36% Professional Strength Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe and 2 remineralization gels

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36% Dentist Professional Strength Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel Kit 40 Application Teeth Whitening Gel Complete Instructions This professional quality 36% carbamide peroxide gel is used worldwide by dentists. It is the Dental industry standard for teeth whitening used by dentists around the world for over 15 years and is proven to give excellent, safe results. It is formulated with 100% pure formula -- no fillers or additives with optimized pH. Save over $150 for the exact same procedure done by your dentist. You can finally have the exact same treatment done from the privacy of your home! Developed for fast teeth whitening action and long lasting results. With our Easy Dispensing 10cc Gel Syringes We always give you More For Your Money! 3X Times More of the same professional strength dental teeth whitening gel per syringe than others offer. With your satisfaction guaranteed you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Save money and get the smile you have always wanted! Our 10cc(ml) syringes are equal to 40 APPLICATIONS!!! 100% Professional Dental Office Strength Many Will See Results after Just One Treatment!

Fast action- #1 Professional Strength
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Save $300-$600 versus a dentist visit.
Made in the USA/ Sold to Dental Professionals World Wide Under BRAND Names...

Ableware 745350010 Scooper Eating Plate

Ableware scooper eating plate is used for serving food, and has a flat bottom and high rim with a reverse curve for scooping food onto a utensil without spilling over the side. The plate is made of molded, heat-resistant plastic for durability, and is dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning. The dish measures 6-3/4”/17.1cm in diameter.

Scooper eating plate for serving food
Flat bottom and high rim with reverse curve for scooping food onto utensil without spilling over side
Molded, heat-resistant plastic for durability
Dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning
Measures 6-3/4" in diameter